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Further Details


  • How long are classes?
    Classes run 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on class size.
  • What if I am going to miss one week, can I get a refund for that week or make it up in the next four-week session?
    There are no make-up sessions or refunds for missed classes. We understand that unexpected things come up, like illness and travel. However, this is an easy four-week commitment. The only exception is if an actor cancels a full four-week session one week prior to the class start date - then a full refund will be issued.
  • Do you offer voice classes?
    We will eventually offer voice class; however we do not offer this class at the moment.
  • What is the age range of students at the Studio? Do you teach Children?
    The Studio accepts students 16 years and older.
  • My Child really wants to Act. What do I do?
    I highly recommend Scoundrel and Scamp Theater, they are located in the old Historic Y building. They teach theater classes to kids ages 8-18 and are a wonderful community for youth.
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