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Be the best actor
you can be.


Intro to On-Camera Acting and the Self-Tape

Are you ready for your close up, but you've never acted on-camera before? Spent your life in the theater, but interested in making the transition to film? What does it mean when people say you are "too big" on camera?

What is an eye line? How does a wide shot change your performance compared to a close up? When putting together a self-tape audition, what should your background look like? How do you set up your lighting?

What is expected in terms of technical ability? What special equipment is best? What is a slate?

We will cover everything from defining your acting space and lighting setup to how to bring the story off of the page and into the small camera frame, specifically for the self-tape audition - however, this class will also prepare you for your first (or next!) opportunity to work on a professional set.

Aubyn teaches you the technicals of on-camera acting work, while getting you comfortable watching your gorgeous self on the big screen.

A four-week course, meeting once per week.

Self-Tape Audition Technique (Ongoing Course)

This class is for the auditioning actor, the hopeful auditioner, or anyone who desires to learn the craft of on-camera acting!

The past few years have massively shifted the industry standard; now all television and film auditions require self-tapes. This has left actors with a substantial learning curve. With years of experience in Hollywood honing the craft of the self-tape, Aubyn will guide you through this new and exciting landscape of auditioning.

The format of this class is set up like a mock audition. Actors will receive material ahead of the class to prepare.

At the start of each class, actors will be put on tape. Aubyn will give notes, which the actor may apply in a second take at the end of class.

This is an opportunity to sharpen your script analysis skills for auditioning.

**Students must have completed one 4-week 'Intro to On-Camera and the Self-Tape' course to take this class.**

A four-week course, meeting once per week.

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