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Aubyn Philabaum coaching an actor

Aubyn Philabaum Acting Studio

Acting Training

Classes include scene study for both the beginning and advanced actor, on-camera training and audition technique.  Also, how to create a stellar self-tape for today's auditioning market.

One-on-one coaching for auditions, expert self-tapes (with coaching), and coaching on material before heading into the rehearsal room or on set once you've landed the part.  I also provide weekly one-on-one workout sessions if you are feeling like your audition muscles need a little sweat, so you are prepared when that coveted audition rolls in!  Available in-person or by Zoom.

Various workshops will be offered by both myself and guest artists from the industry and local community.


The Studio


It is my goal to help every person who desires to act know that their unique self has a place in the world of storytelling.  I have 38 years in the entertainment business and extensive classical training; this experience and expertise are woven together in my teaching.

I help you, the actor, with:

  • Text analysis

  • Getting you out of your head and into your body

  • Imagery and visualization

  • Pulling the story off the page and into your body, voice and the camera frame

  • Connecting with the joy of the work

  • Confidence, confidence, confidence!

I get you clear on thought and intention with the text so that your relationship with your character and the other characters in the scene is clearly defined.  With this specificity, the character begins to settle into your body and a sense of freedom to play is released.  You will feel ownership of the text, the character, the circumstances and, ultimately, the audition.  This is your time to show up for yourself, for the work and to have fun.

The best in the business work with a coach.  Continuously harnessing your craft allows you to not only book the room, but to give everything to a part when you land it.  From audition prep to auditioning to working, coaching will take your performance and your business to the next level.

Let’s get to work!


Just a few of the actors I've coached who have been successful in Booking the Room!

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